Rob moody

Rob is a gifted performer and teacher of both the electric guitar and the acoustic steel-string guitar. He is equally at home on both and teaches and performs week in, week out between the two. He is passionate about music, all music! Rob took up the guitar in 1993 and was instantly hooked. He then commenced teaching guitar in 1998 and quickly established himself on a professional basis.

A real all-rounder, he has an amazing amount of songs and solos in his repertoire; everything from the classic Rock stuff, to Country and Blues, Fingerstyle, and really whatever sounds good! His influences include; Ian Moss, INXS, Gotye, Keith Scott, Andy Timmons, Diesel, Albert Lee, Tommy Emmanuel, Peter Buck, Bob Spencer, Brent Mason, Deep Purple, Rick Springfield, The Eagles, Eddie Van Halen, Mark McEntee, Eric Johnson, Brett Garsed and more!


Rob’s gigs and teaching style

Rob gigs regularly right around the country and also internationally, either with The Australian INXS Show, The Australian Divinyls Show, or Deep Creek Road (who have had 3 top 40 hits on the country charts last year).  He has also worked around with an acoustic duo, a Latin Guitar duo, a progressive country-rock outfit (don't knock Country!), several original outfits and does regular recording-studio session work.

Rob thoroughly enjoys his teaching and is enthusiastic about helping developing players to reach their goals. "People can feel relaxed and excited about improving their playing when they come to see me; there are many ways to learn the guitar and we can find the best method for you". The other thing Rob really wants you to know is that he is just nuts about the guitar! “I knew as soon as I started playing guitar that it was my thing and I was going to stick to it; It’s the best instrument ever!”

Rob’s favourite instruments

Rob’s favourite instruments include his much loved custom built shell pink stratocaster, a Paul Reed Smith DGT, Ernie Ball Music Man, Albert Lee  Music Man, and his fabulous twin-neck Ovation acoustic. His favorite amps are a George Evans Soniuqe 59, made in Melbourne by he fabulously talented Tim Evans, and a Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker JTM combo; a great clean sounding amp with amazing overdrive when cranked up loud! Yep, total gear-head!