Zac white

My name is Zac, and I’m a teacher here at Modern Guitar Tuition. I started my music journey 15 years ago when I started playing clarinet and saxophone, but eventually I got onto the guitar and never looked back. I’ve always been impressed with the versatility of the guitar in all styles of music, so I’ve used guitar as a medium to explore many different musical genres and cultures such as jazz, blues, funk, rock, classical and flamenco.

I moonlight on occasion as a saxophone player in bands or in the studio. I love to play Latin jazz, rock and other fun stuff on sax.

I play guitar and bass in a few different bands (JOTHI, Eliza Joan, Flynn) and as a session player. I perform as a solo artist (Zac Lewis), playing anything from blues and folk on a steel string, or flamenco and classical guitar on a nylon.

I play guitar and bass in a few different bands and as a session player. I write and record my own music, and am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Music. I am more than happy to take any student, regardless of age or skill level, whether you want to learn a few chords, nail that solo or write your own music. If you're interested in learning guitar, clarinet or saxophone, send me a message. Come down and we’ll have a jam!

Insta @zaclewismusic