Classical Guitar Lessons Melbourne Eastern Suburbs (Blackburn)

Classical guitar lessonsClassical Guitar at MGT is taught by Michelle Nelson with a strong sense of musicality and historical awareness. Right from the start she creates a strong focus on technique development and how it affects and creates control over tone.

As control over those elements is established and strengthened the teaching evolves to focusing more on accenting to bring out the melodic lines, and to identifying and shaping the phrases.

Classical guitar tuition

As well as tutoring from foundation-level, Michelle specialises in assisting established students to develop their interpretation beyond what they have already been trained up to; reading beyond the notes to discover the overall musical intentions of a piece (something that can take years to refine).

All standard Classical Guitar texts are used within the context of what is suitable for the individual student. Michelle has a vast knowledge of the music of the guitars from 1600s – 2000s and an extensive library of music. As well as private lessons Michelle also runs ensemble groups for adults; three or four people together, enjoying the experience of playing as a group.