Beginners Guitar Lessons Melbourne Eastern Suburbs (Blackburn)

Boy taking a beginner's guitar lessonsLearn from a professional right from the start - it saves time and money! Most importantly, it will save you from the usual techqnique pitfalls that many self-taught players exhibit; poor habits that compromise development.

The online world now offers a bewildering choice of 'lessons online' and turorial videos for songs. Some are good, some not so good. The real problem for a beginner is how to assess what is worthwhile and what is'nt. As an example, their is currently over 1200 video tutorials available online for the Rock classic Smoke On The Water.  To see it played in front of you, by a professional teacher who can guide your efforts is certainly a more effecive option for you. 

Beginners guitar lessons
for adults

Adult taking beginners guitar lessons

Start the right way - it will save you time and stress. You want this new venture to be pleasurable and to become a fun pastime. 

We start by developing rhythm guitar ability. This gets your small knuckles to develop the strength for more refined work, and also puts the basics of timing in to you. It also gets you quickly up to playing familiar songs; expect about 6-8 weeks for this if you are a complete beginner, and that then creates a foundation to gradually develop into more challenging material. Give it a go! 

Beginners guitar lessons for kids

Childrens acoustic guitar lessonsStep by step and tailored for the age of your child. Be prepared for the long haul - guitar is a challenging instrument for kids but can provide a life-long activity they will really enjoy and appreciate.

Lessons for young students are mostly conducted between 4:00 - 6:00pm - its best for them to have their lesson as soon after school as you can manage. For school-age students we follow the State School terms. and omit Public Holidays from the bill.

Lessons are at a set, weekly time for a half-hour (private only). This is quite enough time for young students (advanced students do have longer lessons but this rarely applies to under-13s). For young beginners we encourage you to be able to sit in with them for their first few lessons, and then to gradually withdraw once they are settled into a routine. Our teaching rooms have windows/glass doors and adjoin the seated waiting area and you can hear the lesson sitting just outside of the door.