Advanced Guitar Tuition Melbourne Eastern Suburbs (Blackburn)

Advanced guitar lessons for adultsAdvanced learning on any instrument implies you are comfortably past intermediate standard, are able to interpret written music and prepared for the time commitment that is required for high-level music study.

Advanced music study is mostly associated with either high-grade, or diploma level assessments, or tertiary study entry requirements (often these overlap). However it may also pertain to adult students who, whilst not needing to undertake assessments, still wish to learn, at their own pace, to an advanced level. This will include advanced rhythm reading and jazz/funk chord work, scales/modes and solo improvising, and advanced technique development in all facets of guitar.

Advanced guitar lessons
for children

Advanced acoustic guitar lessons for kids and adults

This tends not to apply to under 12s but exceptions do occur. If your child is well established on guitar and needs a more structured approach, then give us a call - this is an area we excel in.

Advanced lessons for children and teens does include music reading and theory as it is required.

Above all, technical development is treated as an essential ongoing issue; we are always midful of what a young player is ready for and do not over extend developing muscles with material they are not yet mature enough for.

Advanced guitar lessons for adults

Advanced guitar lessonsPerhaps you have been playing for a long time and feel like your level has stagnated?

After years of general hobby playing many adults will find they have gradually developed enough ability to take them on to more advanced material. However, time constraints may make them unsure of how much more they may acheive on the instrument.  With the right approach of combining tecnique development with advanced music material, your playing will continue to steadily improve. Yes, it needs regular time commitment but if you are able to maintain that you will enjoy continued musical growth.

Developing guitar playing to a high level takes many years but, as the saying goes - "the journey is its own reward".