Adult Guitar Lessons Melbourne Eastern Suburbs (Blackburn)

Basically there are two types of adult student; those who are completely new to learning music ('novice'), and those who learned as a child/teen and then didn't play for many years before deciding to rekindle their interest. The latter tend to have a clear idea of what instrument and style they are best suited to whereas the novice will need to begin from real beginner level and may be unsure of what type of instrument is best for them at this point. Start on the type of instrument you feel suits your musical tastes but please take this note of caution: If unsure and just wanting initially to learn a general approach then opt for a reasonable beginner range acoustic instrument. A bit further down the track you will know more about the guitar and will be able to buy another instrument with confidence about what you need musically. If hand-size and/or strength are an issue then you are well advised to not use a steel-string acoustic; they require real hand strength to play well and cheap examples have been the cause of many a frustrated beginner student thinking that playing the guitar is ‘too hard’ for them (the guitar is not what is ‘too hard’ for them – it is their choice of instrument that is defeating them).

Electric guitars are comparatively easier to play and are a good choice of steel-string instrument if hand-size is an issue. The opposite problem arises for some men with large hands and fingers; electric guitars are frustrating for beginners with big hands. Whatever your choice of instrument, go to shop with a good range of models and try several different ones; Find a guitar that ‘fits’ you!

Adult electric guitar lessons

As for the playing, we have heaps of great development material and a wide variety of song charts to choose from: we will certainly be able to find material that sounds good to you and gets you playing whole songs with confidence (yes, the whole way through!). We also teach music reading for those who want to develop further their musicianship and have a wide range of suitable material and experience with which to guide you through to your goals on the instrument. And we have loads of patience - no need to ask if we can put up with beginners! We expect the progress to be gradual initially and to go through slow patches - this is normal, so don't worry. Just give it a go with a view to it being an ongoing project, and you will gain a lot of pleasure from the guitar.